Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is the most durable, Eco-friendly, recyclable and affordable material used for pavements, driveways, parking lots, and roads. Not only does asphalt surface see the highest volume of traffic, but it also has to deal with tree roots, harsh weather and harmful substance like oil, gas or grease. Due to all damaging factors to the surface, this is why asphalt maintenance is an important role in the upkeep.

The surface sees deterioration over time and heavy use, so without proper maintenance, the asphalt surface will not last as long but will cost a lot of money to be re-paved. Asphalt surfaces will become liabilities over time if maintenance is not done adequately and promptly.

The most cost-effective way to protect the surface and foundation of asphalt is through asphalt patching. helps you protect your pavement against further damage and erosion. By choosing to repair the asphalt, it protects the pavement against further damage and erosion. Pavement repairs will also increase the safety of the asphalt and lessen liability.

What should I do about cracks?

It is crucial to call us 1-800-686-5389 when you first start seeing cracks. Our professionals at understand the importance of asphalt maintenance to help stretch the life of the surface to keep up the appearance and safety of the asphalt by paving, patching, repair, sealcoating, removal and replacement to meet all your project requirements. It is important to stop the spreading of the cracks on the asphalt surface. The more the cracks spread, the more of a liability the surface becomes. If the surface is not taken care of the foundation will get too serious and will have to be re-laid which will cost more money than asphalt maintenance.

Our consultants specialize in paving, repair and maintenance. We offer Hot Asphalt Patching and Cold Asphalt Patching. Hot Asphalt Patching creates a long-term solution to the asphalt foundation and recommends for a permanent solution to asphalt damage. Cold Asphalt Patching is the temporary and less expensive option.

Asphalt is a durable, affordable, and recyclable material commonly used for roads, parking lots, and driveways. These surfaces see a significant amount of traffic, and they also face damage from harmful substances such as grease, gas, and oil. Because of these factors, asphalt maintenance is crucial. Read on to learn about the services offers.

Asphalt Paving and Patching

Several techniques can be used to fill cracks and repair potholes in parking lots, tennis courts, roads, and more. When done correctly, asphalt patching can prevent additional deterioration and reduce repair expenses. Materials range from asphalt emulsions and proprietary patching blends to hot mix asphalt. A contractor with will determine the proper materials and technique based on the level of damage. If the damage is too severe to be patched, the contractor can lay new asphalt as well.

Asphalt Overlays

When pavement has deteriorated, it may seem as if replacement is the only option. However, with asphalt overlays, a property owner may be able to maximize the lifespan of their driveway, road, or parking lot. An overlay can bring new life to old asphalt, repairing existing flaws, and adding a new pavement layer. With an overlay, property owners can give their roads a new look for less.

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

If an asphalt driveway, road, or parking lot cannot be refurbished with an overlay, it’s best to start fresh.’s removal and replacement services can help owners at every step, from removing the existing asphalt to building an all-new surface. Not only will the new asphalt provide a stable surface for many years to come, it will allow the contractor to find and fix subgrade issues. Learn more about our services and call us for a no-obligation estimate.

Asphalt Milling and Grinding

If a property owner is looking for a way to make economical repairs, asphalt milling and grinding may be viable options as long as the damage hasn’t reached the sub-base. Milling removes the top two inches of asphalt, allowing the contractor to apply a flawless, fresh layer. It allows owners to save money and prevent the need for costly replacement.

Pothole Repairs

A pothole is created when moisture gets into the pavement, which gradually weakens it. Traffic can make the situation even worse until the affected area eventually crumbles and comes loose. Pothole repairs are performed by contractors who remove the affected asphalt with a masonry saw or jackhammer, creating a square hole. A strong adhesive is applied and the asphalt is layered, leveled, and compacted with a roller.

Tree Root Damage

According to research, almost 90% of America’s parking lots, roads, and runways are made of asphalt. However, one of the biggest threats to the continued consistency and quality of these surfaces is tree roots. When there are roots beneath the pavement, the surface can lift, break, buckle, and crack. Most roots are at least 12 inches below the asphalt’s surface, and removal can be difficult. The team at can repair the damage by removing the roots, re-compacting the area and repaving it with hot mix asphalt before sealing it with hot tar.

Trip Hazard Correction

Every year, hundreds of slip and fall injuries occur on roads, driveways, and parking lots. These injuries, while unfortunate, can expose a property owner to significant legal liability. A contractor can check the surface for depressions, cracks, and uneven surfaces, especially where asphalt meets concrete. With proper inspection and prompt asphalt repair, trip and fall hazards can be minimized or even eliminated.

Full Depth Asphalt Repairs

Private roadways and parking lots endure constant traffic, which can put an enormous strain on the surface. When an asphalt surface becomes so damaged that movement is difficult or dangerous, it may be time for full-depth repairs. Here, the distressed asphalt layer is removed, pulverized, and used to create a base for the new asphalt. This technique is ideally suited to parking lots and roads with no gutters or curbs. Full-depth repairs offer numerous benefits, such as reduced cost, faster results, a better appearance, and increased structural integrity.

Parking Lot Repairs

Repairing an asphalt parking lot is less expensive than many property owners think. The team at can focus on problem areas, do a full overlay, or perform a complete replacement. With a new layer of asphalt, a parking lot can stand up to years of continuous traffic.

Road Overlays

A road overlay involves the application of a new asphalt layer to a deteriorating road surface. Rather than completely removing the old surface, an overlay project uses the current layer as a base for new pavement. However, if the road is severely damaged with large cracks, expansions, and potholes, it will need to be milled before the new asphalt layer is applied. A contractor can provide advice on overlays, milling, and other repair methods.

The Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance and Repair

Regardless of the work a property owner puts into building a driveway, road, or parking lot, it needs regular maintenance to last as long as possible without cracking and deteriorating. Harsh weather, heat, and other factors can loosen the bond that holds aggregate together, and the surface will eventually fall apart. Regular maintenance is important for a variety of reasons, but many property owners tend to overlook minor cracks. Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits of a regular asphalt maintenance program.

  • Early detection and resolution of issues. Regardless of the nature of an asphalt issue, the team at can handle it. However, many serious issues can be prevented with proper annual maintenance. A contractor can inspect asphalt surfaces to ensure that they stay in good condition, and they can quickly find brittle and weak areas before they cause severe damage.
  • Early Repairs. Stopping damage from getting worse is the most cost-efficient way to keep a parking lot, driveway or road in good condition. By taking advantage of an annual maintenance plan, property owners can keep asphalt cracks from getting out of hand. With overlays and other preventive measures, the asphalt’s appearance is refreshed and gets an additional moisture barrier. When property owners deal with damage while it’s still minor, they can prevent the need for costly repairs or full replacement.
  • Sealcoating. Prompt maintenance can keep asphalt surfaces looking new. A paved surface will develop a washed-out, faded look with time, and the experts at can restore them to their original rich, dark color. With sealcoating, owners and visitors will notice a difference immediately, and the asphalt will look just as good as it did the day it was poured. A spotless parking lot makes the entire business look well-maintained, which can increase the company’s credibility. With a professional evaluation, a property owner can learn whether repair or replacement will be necessary for the future.

Property management and hazard mitigation tasks are made easier when a property owner talks to us about an annual asphalt maintenance plan. It can be difficult to manage a large property, and hiring an asphalt contractor can take a great deal of responsibility off of the property manager’s shoulders. With help from a licensed contractor, a manager will have more time to focus on other job duties.

As shown here, there are many ways to maintain and repair asphalt driveways, roads, and parking lots. With periodic evaluations and annual or semi-annual maintenance, even the most highly-trafficked asphalt roads and parking lots can be kept looking great. Contact the experts at to learn how they can help keep any property safe and in good repair. Call 800-686-5389 Today!