Parking Lot Striping & Signage

One of the first things customers, clients, and visitors notice, parking lot striping and signage is used to indicate exits, entrances, and various parking areas. Directly contributing to safe driving, parking lot striping and signage must comply with both ADA and Florida Building Code regulations. Working to improve the flow of traffic in and around your roadways and parking lots, our team will work with you to determine the best layout and design for your needs.

A Professionally Designed Parking Lot

Often the first area entered by customers, clients, and visitors, a properly designed and maintained parking lot emphasizes the professionalism of nearby facilities. A newly striped parking lot is attractive. It indicates that the property owner values maintenance. It also implies whether or not a business is orderly and competent.

Safety Considerations

A well-marked and maintained parking lot is necessary to ensure the safety of all users. Effective markings show crosswalks, load-zones, stops, and pick-up areas. This is particularly important for pedestrians who are walking in the area and for customers and clients who are boarding vehicles. A parking lot with faded or missing striping and signage often suffers from increased accidents and dangerous conditions.

Maximizing Space

Our team will work closely with you to determine whether your property needs to be re-striped or if it needs a completely new design. If necessary, new markings can be laid out according to a custom-designed blueprint. Aiming to maximize the number of cars that can fit into a parking lot, the right layout, and corresponding striping can significantly increase cost-effectiveness. Especially useful to paid or in-demand parking areas, maximizing space is important when attempting to provide as many parking spaces as possible.

Adding Designated Parking

Whether updating current parking lot striping and signage or designing a new layout, various designated areas can be added. Considering the nature of your business, several new parking areas might be requested or required. Accessible parking spaces, accessible parking spaces for vans, accessible parking spaces for buses, etc. are just a few of the possible parking areas you might want or need for your business.

Improving Traffic Flow

Poorly designed striping and signage can result in an inefficient parking lot. Often improving traffic flow, fixing congestion issues greatly improves the speed of parking entrances and exits. Customers and visitors want parking lots that allow quick entrances, quick parking, and quick exits. They also want parking lots that ensure safe maneuvers. Properly placed and attractive signage expertly directs travelers.

Enhancing Aesthetics

Significantly increasing the aesthetics of your company, precise and well-defined striping and signage can enhance the attractiveness of your business and surrounding area. Customers and clients will feel more comfortable arriving at a business that provides a visual indication of their commitment to quality and service. Improving the appeal of your parking lot improves the overall appeal of your business.

Designing a Functional Layout

The main goal of a parking lot is to provide the most parking spaces possible, while maintaining a healthy traffic flow. There are several types of layout designs, each offering different benefits. A straight-in design provides the most spaces, permits two-way traffic, and is the easiest design to implement. In contrast, angled spaces allow one-way traffic, an appealing herringbone design, and are easier for drivers to use. Considering your property needs, our team with help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various potential designs.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in July 1990. This law affects every property owner regardless of company size or type. Every business must meet the requirements of the ADA by providing the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking spaces, and van parking spaces.

ADA compliance directly affects all businesses. Municipalities actively require a new parking lot, at commercial or residential properties, to be striped according to ADA requirements. Requiring a minimum number of parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of a business facility, the ADA has strict guidelines for parking lot design. If a new parking lot does not comply with ADA, an operating permit will not be issued to the corresponding business.

Procedure for Striping and Signage

Using the highest quality materials and the newest equipment, our team focuses on getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Our professionally trained and licensed staff have the experience and knowledge to handle an array of different job types. Experienced in creating a variety of specialized markings and signs, any detailed specifications will be followed expressly.

Preparation for striping and signage begins with cleaning all power blowers and brooms. When applicable, old stripes are removed. New striping and signage are then added. Traffic must be kept out of a newly striped area for at least one hour. Once the job is complete, your parking area will be ready to use. However, your new pavement markings will require maintenance to ensure continuous efficiency.

Our Commitment to Service

Offering complete design, layout, and re-striping services, our team uses the highest quality products and equipment. Due to using the best possible materials, we work to extend the longevity of your striping and signage. Also offering maintenance plans, we are committed to helping you maintain and maximize your investment.

We understand budget constraints, timelines, and business goals. Working to meet the needs of your business, our employees are professional, timely, and trained to work with minimal disruption to your company’s activities. A well-marked parking area protects both drivers and pedestrians. It also increases the value of your business. When updating your parking area, our company is dedicated to helping you maximize both space and value.

Improving both the look and function of your parking lots and roadways, our team of skilled professionals strive to provide both efficient and effective striping and signage. Our specialists work with both thermoplastic and paint in a variety of areas, such as office complexes, apartments, roadways, and shopping centers. Helping you meet your goals while maintaining compliance with local regulations, we use the highest quality materials possible for long-term effectiveness and performance.